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Logo Design, Flyer/Printable PDFs, Logo Animation

We3 Travel


The logo was created to feel a little whimsical while keeping a travel theme. As a travel blogger the owner writes a lot of articles with tips for traveling along with some packing lists and kid games. Being online some of these things are better used printed. That being said outside of the logo design the client has also asked me to design different printable PDFs that she can add to different blog postings. Each one has its own theme or design method depending on the content of the PDF.


After creating the blog logo and some other layout designs. The client started to post videos on their Facebook and YouTube pages, of different trips that were taken. With the videos they requested an simple animation of the logo to add to the beginning of these video posts.

The video was created using After Effects with a simple fade on the logo while added the plane flying in along the 'W' to add in a moving element.

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